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Loudness online – how loud is loud enough, and how loud is too loud ?

online loudness comparison tweak
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We know now that all the major music streaming services are using loudness normalisation – meaning every song is played at a similar level, aiming for a “target” loudness, which is different for every service.

Loud songs are turned down, quiet songs are turned up – IF there’s enough peak headroom.

And because the target level for some platforms is pretty loud, that’s a very significant “IF”.

Because when there isn’t enough headroom to lift the level up without clipping, your music either won’t get turned up and will sound quieter than everything else as a result, or it may have extra peak limiting applied to get it up to the target level. Which may or may not sound good.

Neither of these is an ideal situation !


How loud is loud enough, and how loud is too loud ?

The answer is… it depends.

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A $300 home studio? REALLY ?

I didn’t expect my last post to get me in trouble.

But it did.

It seemed simple enough – I was just letting you know that Graham from the Recording Revolution website had been interviewed on Pensado’s Place.

I included a brief intro to Graham, for people who didn’t already know him, and I mentioned that he recently set himself a challenge – to record a song using a home studio setup costing only $300. And that’s where the trouble started.

Because it turns out, some people don’t like that idea !

They don’t believe that you can get great results using affordable gear, and they think Graham is deliberately misleading people by saying so. Telling them what they want to hear, rather than being realistic and honest.

So, what’s my opinion?

It’s a nice idea, sure, and Graham’s mix sounded pretty good – but can you really get good sound in a home studio costing only 300 dollars, especially when you put it under the microscope for mastering ? REALLY ?

I decided to find out. Watch the video above to hear the results for yourself, and let me know what you think in the comments…