The Essential Production Advice

Make your music sound great

  • Do you want to record and mix your own music, but just don’t know where to start ?
  • Or you’ve got a good grasp of the basics, and want to dig a little deeper ?
  • Maybe you’ve been recording and mixing for years, and are looking for some fresh input and ideas ?
I was lucky to have great mentors when I started out –
but these days, mentors can be hard to find

There’s plenty of information available online, but often you have no idea where that advice comes from, and if it’s any good or not. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s so-so, and sometimes it’s just plain terrible. I wanted to try and fix that.

A professional perspective

My name is Ian Shepherd – I’ve been a professional mastering engineer for over fifteen years now – and I’ve also done plenty of recording, mixing and production along the way.

I started the Production Advice website to try and pass on some of the skills I’ve learned from my mentors – and, through hard-won trial and error myself, over the years !

There’s nothing better than being able to pass that knowledge on to other people and help them make their music sound great – which is why I came up with the idea of creating “The Essential Production Advice” eBook.

It gathers together 23 must-read posts from the Production Advice website archive, and puts them all together into a single powerhouse package of hints, tips and advice.

Production Advice you can’t afford to miss

Find out: 

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Punchy and powerful compression techniques your mix will live or die by

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The single most important mixing tip you can ever learn – that requires absolutely NO effort

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10 Fool-proof techniques for achieving outstanding music mixes

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Why a compressor is like a cushion (yes, really !)

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Ten Top Reverb Tips to Take Your Mix to the Next Level

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When over-compression sounds great, and when to use it


Plus 17 more topics you NEED to know

“Brilliant! So much great information in here… balance, space, and how important instrument/sound choice and arrangement is before you even get to the mix.”– Adrian Ellis, Composer

Common Questions Answered

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Don’t I need thousands of dollars worth of equipment, monitoring and acoustic treatment to record and mix my own music?

No ! Nowadays you can make great recordings with free software, a couple of decent mics and a laptop. That’s what my site is all about – “it ain’t what you use, it’s the way that you use it”

Icon - Question MarkIs this only for beginners, or experienced engineers?

Both – I have a huge range of people reading my site, and I get great feedback from all of them. If you’ve been recording and mixing for a long time, the chances are you’ll have come across a lot of what’s in here already – but you’ll also know that just one new idea or perspective can be worth it’s weight in gold.

“Every now and again, one of those ‘pay me for my advice’ services is WELL worth the money – Production Advice is great ! I need to remember to flag up the service more often. It’s the future : )”– Steve Lawson, aka “solobasssteve” – Musician

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I want you to be completely happy, so if you’re not satisfied with the eBook for any reason,
just contact me within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked – and the eBook is yours to keep.

Ian, I’ve been following you and reading your posts for a while now, and this advice couldn’t come at a better time… Your words always inspire me to improve, and are great food for thought. Thank you!!
– Seth Horan– Musician



I know this eBook will help you get the great-sounding results you want because as a professional engineer, I’ve discovered and used these ideas and techniques myself. This eBook will give you practical advice you can start using today to help make your music sound great. Click here to get started!