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Is high quality home mastering really possible ?

People are always asking me “Is it possible to master music at home ?”. And until recently my answer was always – “well in theory, yes – but in practise, not so much…”

But in recent years, all that has changed.

There are now several packages of fantastic mastering plugins that are straightforward to use, highly flexible and sound great. They’re native, cross-platform, affordable – and they sound excellent.

If you’ve ever:

Icon - Question Mark Wanted to pull a mix together and lift the level without squashing it

Icon - Question Mark Wished you had a clean, simple way to enhance the stereo image of your source – without going back to the drawing board

Icon - Question Mark Struggled to sculpt your mix with EQs that mess up the sound or

Icon - Question Mark Tried to use multi-band compression for “mix glue” and found yourself lost in a sea of different options, none of which do what you want

These days plugins can achieve all these goals for you – and I can help you get started on using them effectively.

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Here’s an example song I mastered entirely using plugins, running inside Logic Pro:

Since I shared this song several years ago, I’ve had so many people asking about my methods that I decided to created a free e-mail “Headstart” course to help you get up to speed and help you decide if home mastering is an option for you, too.


What the course includes


Icon - Check Mark Regular free short lessons to help you get started with home mastering

Icon - Check Mark A summary of the key processors in the mastering chain, and what order to use them in

Icon - Check Mark A brief description of each processor and what it does

Icon - Check Mark A breakdown of the most important parameters – so you can focus on the settings that matter

Icon - Check Mark Suggested “default” settings to help you start getting great results quickly

Icon - Check Mark Hints and tips on how to use plugins effectively in home mastering


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