Find the loudness “sweet spot” for YOUR music

Ian Shepherd's "Perception" Plugin - by MeterPlugs

award-nomineeAudio Media - Gear of the Year 2014Perception is recommended without reservation, for anyone involved in mastering, at any level”
– Hugh Robjohns, Sound On Sound Magazine (July 2014)

perception1003-UILouder is better – but too loud is worse

How Loud ?

The question is, how do you tell the difference ?

Everyone knows that “louder is better” – it’s what drove the Loudness Wars.

But in digital audio, if you apply too much “loudness processing” to your music, you can do more harm than good.

Squashed, dull, flat sound – or even pumping and distortion.

And unless you make a truly loudness-matched comparison, you might not hear the problems until it’s too late.

Until now.

Mastering Engineer Ian Shepherd’s Perception plugin allows you to find the perfect balance of loudness and dynamics for YOUR music – in any DAW, in any genre.

resolution-logo“The time saved easily justifies the price. It’s so good you’ll be asking yourself why nobody came up with the idea before. I just wish I had this in my toolbox long ago !”
– Bill Lacey, Resolution Magazine, September 2014

How it works

The easiest way to see how Perception works is to watch it in action!

Loudness changes our perception of the music we hear.

If you play someone two identical pieces of audio, but one of them is slightly louder, they perceive it as sounding brighter and bassier – “better”, in most people’s opinion.

This has always been a challenge – how can we tell:

“Is this really better ? Or just louder ?

Making accurate, impartial judgements about this has always been a key skill of the mastering engineer, which can take years to learn – and even then, there’s an element of opinion involved.

Hear your music like a mastering engineer

Perception allows you to hear past the “loudness deception” and make truly impartial, accurate decisions about the best possible sound for your music.

Icon - Check Mark Find the loudness sweet-spot for your music – in any DAW, in any genre

Icon - Check MarkQuickly and easily hear how your music stands up against the competition – online, on TV or radio

Icon - Check MarkReveal the true effects of the “loudness war” on any piece of music – in real-time

Icon - Check MarkDiscover what that fancy new plugin really sounds like, and what the latest new audio production techniques really do

Icon - Check MarkAssess the true impact of your mastering processing, as it will sound in the real world

Find the best possible answer to the eternal question
“How loud ?” – for any music, in any digital audio workstation.


Technical information

Perception is available for both PC & Mac (including Mavericks), in VST, AU and AAX versions (Pro Tools 10.3.6+ or 11) – all in 32 and 64-bit. There is no RTAS version but we will be testing workarounds for this. Full documentation is also included.

For more details, click here to visit the MeterPlugs information page.

“Since adding Perception to our plug-in library, we’ve become almost addicted to it… Perception won’t suddenly make your mixes or masters sound better, but it might make you a better engineer, and that has far more value
– Mike Hillier, MusicTech Magazine (July 2014)

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I’m so excited about this, I’m certain you’ll find Perception just as useful as I do. I want you to be completely happy though, so if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just contact MeterPlugs within 60 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

“I think Perception will prove to be the most important plugin to be released this year. In fact, provided enough people get to use it, I can imagine it making a greater contribution to the sound of contemporary music than any plugin released this decade” – Nick Watson, Fluid Mastering