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Ian Shepherd - Mastering Engineer


When I'm recording, mixing or mastering, I have only one goal in mind:

I want people's jaws to drop.

I want them to look at me, thunderstruck, and say - "This sounds incredible !" Or maybe even better, I'll be chatting casually to someone and something I've worked on will be mentioned, and they'll say - "wow, I love the way that sounds, it's one of my favourite albums ever".

My guess is that if you're reading this, you feel the same way.

If so, then this is the site for you -  because I want to help you make people's jaws drop, make your music sound the best it can be. A good place to start is the Best-Of post - enjoy the site, I hope you find it useful, and I hope I can help you make your music sound great !

Who am I ?

My name is Ian Shepherd, and I'm the founder of Production Advice. I'm a professional mastering engineer and owner of Mastering Media Ltd, and I host the The Mastering Show podcast.

Over the last twenty years I've worked on literally thousands of CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays for all of the major record labels, TV stations and independents, including several number one singles and award-winning albums.

I've also developed two plugins with MeterPlugs - Perception, which received an AudioMedia Gear Of The Year award in 2014, and Dynameter, which helps you achieve optimal audio dynamics for your music, and competitive loudness for online streaming.

Artists and clients include: Keane, Tricky, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Deep Purple, The Orb, Leslie Garret, Culture Club, Porcupine Tree, Andy Weatherall, The Las, Ozric Tentacles, Christine Tobin, New Order and King Crimson amongst many others.

If you have Spotify, you can hear an eclectic selection of projects I've worked on over the years here:

Plus more examples here:

Ian Shepherd - Recent projects

I'm a fierce critic of the so-called "Loudness Wars" and in 2010 I organised the first Dynamic Range Day to raise awareness about the issue.

You can contact me via emailFacebook or Twitter, where I post regular recording, mixing and mastering hints and tips, and try to answer questions from anyone who wants to ask !

To find out the ways you might like to work with me, click here.

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