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This site is crammed full of content, all of which is 100% free - over 200 posts on a wide range of subjects, including recording, mixing and mastering.

But there's a limit to what you can present clearly on a blog, and for people who want to dig deeper into some of the most popular topics, I've created some products you may find interesting or useful.

If you like the free content on Production Advice, you’ll love these !


I've co-developed several plugins with MeterPlugs to help you get better results mixing and mastering, including Dynameter and the award-winning Perception AB, plus the Loudness Penalty website, plugin and desktop application. For more details, click here.


Home Mastering EQ

Unlock your Home Mastering "Instinct for EQ"

Home Mastering EQ is a "deep dive" into using EQ in mastering
- Almost 5 hours of HD videos using a whole new set of musical examples, entirely focused on EQ, EQ and only EQ

Developing HMEQ was hard ! Figuring out exactly how I think about and use EQ, and how to help you do the same, but people tell me the result was worth the effort. Click here for more information

"Thank you, thank you, thank you Ian for the HMEQ techniques video. The "pivot frequencies" strategy has made such a huge and positive difference for me. Absolutely fantastic. I raise my glass to you, sir"Dennis Urquhart

Home Mastering Compression (and limiting)

Get loud, punchy masters - without losing warmth or clarity

Compression is often referred to as a magic ingredient to achieving professional-sounding masters for your music.
And it can be – if you use it right.

The key to using compression effectively is simplicity. These videos will show you when, why and how to use this powerful tool effectively in mastering Click here to find out more

"Following Ian’s directions in the compression videos and eBook, I got the best results I've ever gotten on my self-mastering attempts! The mastered tracks sounded clean and just as loud as my reference tracks when played back on different sound systems." - Mike Hayes

The Home Mastering Masterclass

Learn how to get great results mastering your music at home.

My "flagship" product, HMM is an 8-week online membership course, run twice each year.

Each week you get a video showing exactly what, how and why I do what I do in mastering, in a wide variety of genres. Plus interviews, bonus content and a private Facebook group membership.

To watch the trailer, click here.

"I think it's the passion and openness and generosity with which you share that make your courses so special and keep us all coming back for more and more :-)" - Chuck Payne

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